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The tank farm has a modern and well-equipped laboratory for the purpose of analysing and attesting to the quality of petroleum products before discharge into the tanks and eventual sale to consumers.

We have an Accredited full service laboratory with sample intake provincially in Moscow, across Russia and even from other countries. We believe in helping ourselves answer questions that allow us to have proactive process and environment practices. The Lab not only runs analysis it provides results; we answer questions. When we have a facility process issue, an unknown sludge, a mysterious spill or an unresolved measurement issue, our team of chemists, environmental scientists , instrument specialists, engineers and field samplers help us to when you have an immediate problem and gives an answer as soon as possible.

We have a certificate of recognition of the Russian Maritime Registered of Shipping. Recognition Certificate № 65.17864.218 . Due to our qualified laboratory staffs working on international standards, and using only the most modern equipment.

Our customers can be confident that all the offered products undergo rigorous control of quality. In accordance with GOST, TU and ISO, which correspond to all standards and regulations.