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One of the priority directions of activity of “Region Gas Servis” is the constant improvement of the level of industrial production safety, to ensure healthy and safe working conditions for the staff, as well as reducing the negative impact on the environment.

Ltd. “Region Gas Servis” is aware of its responsibility to society to ensure healthy and safe working conditions of employees, preservation of favorable environment, the rational use of natural resources, as well as counting on the public understanding of the complexity and scale of the challenges facing the company in this field. In this regard, the Company’s policy is inextricably linked to the existing regulatory and legal framework of the Russian Federation in the field of occupational safety, industrial and environmental safety and rational use of natural resources, as well as the recommendations of international standards and specifications.

The main goals and objectives of the company “Region Gas Servis” in the field of industrial safety, occupational health and the environment are:

  • rational use of natural resources;
  • health and safety of the tank farm personnel;
  • achieve a level of industrial and ecological safety corresponding to the current state of science and technology;
  • increasing industrial and environmental safety of production facilities base, reducing the negative impact on the environment by improving the reliability, to ensure safe and trouble-free operation of process equipment;
  • identification of the main directions in the development and implementation of programs of environmental measures and safety programs, improving working conditions and recreation, protection from emergency situations;
  • the creation and implementation of an effective system of production control over observance of requirements of industrial safety, occupational safety, health and environment at the tank farm facilities.